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     Reggie is an international speaker/lecturer, author and an active real estate investor. Reggie has spoken on programs with such notables as Donald Trump, Magic Johnson, Suze Orman, Anthony Robbins, George Foreman, Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Albert Lowry, Alan Greenspan, David Bach and Russell Simmons, to name a few.  

Reggie Brooks, the #1 Vacant/Distressed/Abandoned Property Specialist In North America!. Reggie is also an international speaker, author and educator, dedicated to inspiring others to achieve personal success through real estate investment. Having risen above a life of poverty, he has achieved what many people consider to be impossible. He went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business.

Starting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking a few real estate investment courses, he began investing in rental properties in Los Angeles. He quickly replaced his telephone company income of $3,000 per month with over $4,200 per month from a few well-placed investments, becoming financially independent within his first year of investing.

Today, Reggie delivers his personal philosophies for success at major business venues and expositions throughout the United States. Reggie has also exploded as thee expert on "Vacant Property Specialist" in the United States.

Reggie attributes his success to faith and family, and to the invaluable mentors he has met along the way.

Of all his many accomplishments, Reggie is most proud of his enthusiastic students, especially his children Keith and Arlett.

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