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Reggie Brooks Real Estate Consulting

Reggie Brooks Real Estate Consulting is helping people like you--every day--to achieve the personal and professional wealth they've dreamed of, but never quite been ready to put into action. Combining motivational mentoring and practical business tools, Reggie Brooks Real Estate Consulting offers more than a map to success. We'll be your personal guide--all the way to the top.

Who is Reggie Brooks

Everyone has a story. Reggie Brooks' story is no different than many out there. He grew up poor, fighting his life of poverty with the only weapon he had-his dream to succeed. What makes his story unique, and a story he is compelled to share-is that after careful self-reflection, it revealed critical turning points in his own path to success-turning points that you yourself can put into action to find your own path or write your own destiny.

Growing Up Poor in LA

My brother and I were raised by a single mom in Los Angeles. We lived in poverty, and there was never enough money. People who are well off have a hard time understanding how bad things can be for those who grow up poor. We knew what it was like to have nothing to eat at night and to go to bed with our stomachs growling. We knew what it was like to walk to school every morning because we didn't have money for the bus. We had holes in our shoes. We put newspapers in our shoes so we wouldn't get holes in our socks. The neighborhood was bad, and most of the people who lived there had hit rock bottom through alcohol, drugs, and crime. Few kids ever escaped but I had a dream, and dreams can come true.

I remember Christmas time when all the other kids received their new toys, and we had none. But we knew that those toys were temporary, and the things my mother gave us--like unconditional love and the principles to live our lives by--were forever. She gave us the love and understanding that only a mother could give. These principles and ideas don't disappear, and I've shared those same principles with my family as well. My mother also gave me the encouragement to dream, and at an early age, I was definitely a dreamer, but my dreams were not yet focused.




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