30K Flips In Your Own Backyard

How To Buy Properties For Pennies On The Dollar


Reggie Brooks is an International Speaker and Author and has developed a unique niche that makes large profits in real estate year after year. And it doesn't matter what direction the market is moving in, Vacant/Distressed Properties has been, and still is the real estate investor's competitive edge. Why? Because there are large profits and not much competition.


Reggie will reveal some of his greatest strategies on how to find those profitable vacant/distressed properties, how to find the owners, how to get the owners chasing you to sell you their properties. And Reggie's going to show you how to do it with no money, no credit and no job.


 Here's some of what Reggie's going to cover:

  • How to make big profits using a unique niche in the marketplace – Vacant/Distressed Properties
  • How to invest with no cash
  • How to invest with no credit
  • Insider secrets that the professional investors use to turn $15,000 profits into $50,000 profits and more
  • Hot new tips and insights that the professionals use to find profitable deals – Even in today’s market
  • Hidden cash producing secrets that even so-called smart investors don’t know
  • How to uncover hidden value in properties that most seasoned investors overlook
  • How to profit from properties that most investors consider worthless
  • How to write your contracts to maximize your profit
  • How to use creative financing to fund your deals
  • And Much, Much more!!


Key in on the hot new tips and insights into how the professionals find deals in today’s market!

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Event Details

Event Date Saturday - 05-19-2018 - 8:30 a.m.
Event End Date Saturday - 05-19-2018 - 5:00 p.m.
Individual Price $99.00
Location Olympic Collection Conference Center (Atrium Room) 

Why Us

Reggie Brooks is compelled by a desire to payback the generosity and coaching that others have invested into him. His mission is to help real estate investors grow, transform communities and live successful lives.


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