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Reggie Brooks Client Testimonials

"When I decided to venture into the real estate business I didn't know how to get started, so I spent my last $20 to buy a ticket to a real estate information meeting at one of the hotels near LAX Airport. I walked into that conference room with a hole about the size of a quarter in the bottom of my tennis shoe. Two and a half years later I'm a successful, full time real estate investor making more money than I could have ever imagined thanks to the creative techniques that I learned from Reggie. Thank you."

-Gary Hosking, Los Angeles, CA

"A few days ago we closed on the 110th property. Thanks to your awesome mentorship program, my net profit at the close of escrow was a little over $21,000. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. Having gone through your program, my approach to the real estate investing business has changed ten fold.

I am currently working on my next deal, which is a house in a decent part of town with over $100,000 in equity. After repairs and expenses, I expect to net somewhere in the neighborhood of $70,000. I'm following your advice to the letter."

-Thomas Phillips, Pasadena, CA

"I applied what you teach and made $28,764 so far, and I've just gotten started! I'm so excited. Now I have the knowledge and confidence to create a wonderful financial future for myself and my family. I like the fact that you've taught your son and daughter the real estate business, and I'm going to do the same thing with my kids. I only hope they are half as successful as your son and daughter."

-S. Moulton, Phoenix, AZ

"I used the information that Reggie teaches and made over $38,000 on my first deal. Since then, I have been able to quit my job and now I am a full time real estate investor. Last year I netted over $375,000! I'll never have to work again. Thank you so much."

-James Kornikova, Denver, CO

"My husband and I went to Reggie's seminar and got started with his Abandoned Property System. I had just retired from my job of 28 years and needed a new career. I was so excited to learn all that I could about finding abandoned properties. We found one, made an offer on the property and got the offer accepted. After we fixed it up, we sold it and made a profit of over $77,000! THANK YOU REGGIE!!! I never would have taken the first step without your program. I am truly excited about what can be done with the knowledge that you have given us, and the push into this new and fun career."

-Cathe & Vinny V., Clermont, FL

"My first encounter with Reggie resulted in me making $10,000 on my first abandoned property. I tied up an abandoned triplex in Los Angeles and wholesaled the property to another investor. Although I was brand new in my real estate investing career, Reggie made me feel very comfortable because of his expertise, patience, and genuine desire to teach and help his students. His encouragement and understanding helped me not only believe in my real estate career abilities, but most importantly, believe in myself. Thank you for being an incredible role model, mentor and friend."

-Karen L., Los Angeles, CA

"Dear Reggie, I am a retired middle school teacher who is so excited that I can barely control myself! We just netted $47,289.67 on our first deal! Thank you so much, Reggie. We are well on our way to financial freedom." 

-Gerry Long, Newark, NJ

“We just completed another abandoned property flip! We never thought that a $0.44 investment (stamp) would put $32,000 in my pocket, solve a seller’s personal challenge, increase property values and end blight in the inner city? Thanks again Reggie, for giving me my life back.” 

-Jimmy Dennis, Westbend, CO.

“Dear Reggie, I just wanted to thank you for teaching me how to make money with abandoned properties… I just closed my first deal and was able to make $27,000 with only $100 of my own money and absolutely no risk. I put a house under contract with a purchase price of $219,000…I sold the house for $246,000 a few weeks later…I walked away with a check for $27,000! Thanks again.”

Shirley Adams, Los Angeles, CA

"When I heard Mr. Brooks was training beginning investors, I jumped in. As a result of his abandoned property program, I bought an investment property and flipped it in four months for a $95,000 profit. My second deal earned me $70,000 in less than a year." 

-Lee Johnson, Baltimore, MD.

Why Us

Reggie Brooks is compelled by a desire to payback the generosity and coaching that others have invested into him. His mission is to help real estate investors grow, transform communities and live successful lives.


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