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It's FREE But You Have To Act Now!!! 
 Amazing Free CD Reveals...

"Insider Secrets To Big Profits In Real Estate Market"

"How A High School Dropout 
Discovered Simple Secrets OfGetting Filthy Rich In Real Estate..."

 (Quantities Very Limited)


Without Credit, Without a Real Estate License, Without 
Spending a Penny of His Own Money, 
and In a Dead Slow Market!

     This high school dropout is now rich, and he lives a lifestyle that most people can only dream of. He and his family are completely set for life, they work when they feel like it and only on projects that give them pleasure.

And All Of It Has Come From Those Few 
Simple Real Estate Secrets That He Stumbled On.


      Hi, my name is Reggie Brooks, and I'm that high school dropout! I'm also an international speaker, author, educator and the #1 abandoned/distressed property specialist in the United States and Canada. And guess what? 

     I’ve now taught several thousand other people, all over the country, how to get rich the same way I did. Buying real estate with no money, no professional help, and no credit. And none of these people are any smarter or any better situated than you are right now.

What's it all about, Reggie?

     As the nation's leading Abandoned/Distressed Property expert, I have recorded an absolutely incredible CD called "How To Get Rich In This Slow Real Estate Market." This FREE CD will reveal how you can make a ton of cold hard cash in in today's troubled Real Estate market...

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn With 
This FREE 55 Minute CD...

  • How to make $10,000 fast with distressed real estate without competition..
  • 25 newspaper keywords that can make you rich! 
  • How to get good, profitable deals "chasing you" instead of you chasing them.
  • How to find nothing but motivated owners that are ready to sell you their houses. 
  • How to Stack The Odds in your favor and mitigate the risks!

     ...and lots more millionaire making secrets straight from the nation's leading                      Abandoned/Distressed Property Real Estate expert and his 20+ years of real world                  experience.

There's A World Of Wealth Building Possibilities At Your Feet...
Listen To This CD And Learn How To Tap Into 
Untold Real Estate Riches!

So, are you wondering why I'm giving this CD away for free?

     Here's why. I offer this CD for free because every new student success story I help create dramatically increases my reputation in a good way! The more my name is spoken of in a positive way, the more credibility I'll have with people who don’t know me yet.

     And when I help people to get rich, it also helps me. Why? Because sometimes these free CDs turn up a student with the kind of commitment I’m looking for in a partner. Finding just one person who can quickly learn the ropes, and who agrees to let me structure, negotiate and in some cases fund their projects, is worth another small fortune to me.

     Can you see why we call this kind of arangement a win-win deal? I've been teaching my students how to construct win-win deals for over 20 years. 

     This is good for both of us because, while you win just by learning these money-making real estate secrets... Sometimes I win too. I’m always hunting for new people to work with, because I’ve got more money than I’ve got time, and there are an amazing number of opportunities for fast real estate fortunes, especially in today's market

How About A Few Free Bonuses?

     When you order your CD, you will receive four (4) bonus gifts worth a total of almost $800 which includes a special report, strategy session, trial membership to The Success Systems Network and enrollment in our Educational Teleseminar Series...all FREE. 

  • Bonus Gift #1: Free Special Report - "Skyrocket To Big Profits." Inside this special report I’ll show you several ways you can invest in very profitable foreclosures, right in your own town! You'll love it because you can do it with little or no cash required, no banks and no credit.   (Value $59) 
  • Bonus Gift #2: Free One-on-One Success Strategy Session with one of my Success Counselors - Free 30-Minute "Real Estate Millionaire-Maker Intensive Fast Start Phone Strategy Session!" (Value $400) 
  • Bonus Gift #3: FREE Trial Gold Level Membership to The Success Systems Network - When you get your CD, you'll also receive a free 30-day trial membership into my "Success Systems Network" program so you can see how powerful and profitable the information truly is. After the free 30 day trial period your credit card will automatically be debited $39.95 monthly. If after the 30-day trial period you decide the membership isn't for you, you can cancel your $39.95 membership at any time! (Value $40)   
  • Bonus Gift #4: You'll be given FREE membership in our "Educational Teleseminar Series." You'll receive a personal invitation by email, once, twice, and sometimes three times per month to listen in on an interview with a millionaire, teaching how they did it, and how you can do it too! This by itself is worth $300 per year. (Value $300)

Total Bonus Value: $799.00

What Does It Cost?

     Normally we would charge $79.00 for this CD but here’s the good news, We're offering it to you for FREE, just pay $9.95 shipping and handling. There’s no obligation. All we ask you to do is listen, learn and start making money that you have always dreamed about. Listen carefully, because you’ll learn secrets about making HUGE profits in real estate...which will amaze you!

     This CD, "How To Get Rich In This Slow Real Estate Market", will be sent to you absolutely FREE. No commitments, no hassles! All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable $9.95 for shipping and handling.

Order Now

If you 're serious about receiving this incredible CD, you need to reserve your copy...right now! Everytime I make an offer like this, CD’s fly off the shelves in a heartbeat. So don’t be left out because when we’re out, we’re out. This is your chance to turn your life around. Quantities are very limited. I've instructed my fullfillment department to only produce 500 CDs. 


Check Out These Success Stories...

"I used the information that Reggie teaches and made over $38,000 on my first deal! Since then, I've been able to quit my job. Now, I'm a fulltime real estate investor! Last year I netted over $375,000!!
J. Kornikova - Denver, Co.


“Thanks to your awesome investment program, my net profit on my very first deal was over $21,000! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am. Having gone through your real estate investment program, my approach to the real estate investing business has changed ten fold. Thanks, Reggie!
T. Phillips - Pasadena, Ca.


I applied what you teach and received over $28,000 so far for my business! I now have the confidence to create a wonderful financial future for myself and my family.
S. Moulton - Phoenix, Az


“The information I received has totally changed my life! You have the opportunity to educate yourself from someone who is actively doing deals on a daily basis. I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity.
T. Auston - Inglewood, Ca.

This CD will be sent to you Absolutely FREE.

All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable 
$9.95 for shipping and handling.

These Incredible CDs will go quickly 
so get your copy NOW.

Order Now


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